This page is an episode guide.

Season 1 Edit

E1a: Pilot- Lucy talks about her life and such. E1b: Gothic Help Line- Clyde comes over not for Lincoln, but for Lucy's help with a date with Haiku.

E2a: Princess Pony Panic- Lola catches Lucy reading Princess Pony and says she won't tell as long as Lucy does everything for her. E2b: And so The Darkness Begins- Lucy goes into the 3rd Grade.

E3a: Home Sick: Lucy was humiliated by Bella. She simulates sickness to not meet her at school E3b: Seek for Hero - Ms. Lilystones is not pleased with Lucy's essay "My Hero" and tells her to write a new one, Lucy tries to write an essay about Lincoln or Lynn.

E4a: Dark Business - For a business project Lucy starts pet funeral service. E4b: Search for peace - Lucy has hard time with finding peace so she could finish writting her new poem.

E5a: Cmentary visit - Lucy and Haiku go to pet cmentary to visit their buried pets. E5b: Trial of Nerves - Lucy can't endure Lynn as her roommate anymore because of her noise and tendency to mess.

E6a:Gothic Marathon - Lucy has two tickets for marathon of Tim Burton's films, only Lincoln agrees to go with her. E6b: Vampire Bro/Transcript - Lincoln got bitten by bat and Lucy believes he becomes a vampire.

E7a: Bloody Sport - Lucy asks Lynn for training her to improve her grades from P.E. E7b: Cat tamer - Clyde asks Lucy to look after his cat when he travels, Lucy learns taking care of pets isn't as easy as she thought.